Coating Tips

Learn how to apply our coating products like a PRO.

CarPro CQ Lite - Carpro Ceramic Coating Detailer



– Wear protective gloves / clothing / eye / face protection.
– Keep out of reach of children.
– Test the product on an inconspicuous area before applying.



Make sure the surface is clean and full decontaminated. Use CARPRO IronX, TarX and clay the surface to ensure all contamination is removed.

Car Coating Steps - Carpro Best Car Ceramic Coat


Use CARPRO Eraser (or similar) to remove oil and wax on paint surface before application. Make sure surface is cool and dry. You may wish to polish the surface to remove defects before using Eraser.

Car Coating Steps - Carpro Best Ceramic Coat


Apply 10-12 drops on a microfiber applicator; apply the product evenly to one small panel or area* of roughly 24×24” / 60cm x 60cm with complete coverage and an even layer.
*small panel such as front wing/quarter panel or half of door.

Car Coating Steps - Carpro Best Ceramic Coating


Use a high quality microfiber to remove any excess. CQUARTZ Lite does not need to be left to cure on the surface so should be removed immediately. Check well with an appropriate light source to ensure you remove any high spots or residues left.

Car Coating Steps - Carpro Best Car Ceramic Coating


For a period of time after coating missed high spots can be remove by applying more CQUARTZ Lite on that area and wiping off immediately.

Car Coating Steps - Carpro Car Ceramic Coat


Leave to dry for 4 hours prior to getting wet. Any water drops during first 48h should be removed before drying to prevent water spotting. We would recommend the use of CARPRO Reload 1 hour after application to protect from water spots during first 48h.

Car Coating Steps - Carpro Car Ceramic Coating