Coating Tips

Learn how to apply our coating products like a PRO.

CQ.UK 3.0


– Do not apply in direct sun or on hot surface
– Do not re-use 4″ Suede applicators
– Do not re-use the towels you used to buff off with on paint
– Wear hand protection
– Wear respiratory protection such as painters mask



Shake CQuartz before use.



Wrap a 4″ microfiber suede around the grey side of applicator block. Slowly open bottle and drag one or two lines of product down the applicator.



Spread across paint in a criss cross pattern approximately 50cm x 50cm at a time depending on conditions.



Buff off as soon as it flashes (within 1-2 minutes depending) using a CarPro No Lint Ultra Towel 16″ x 16″. Be sure to remove all excess residue and only then do you move to the next section.


Switch out the 4″ Suedes every 2+/- panels. Additional coats may be applied after 60 minutes or wait until the following day if you are beyond 60 minutes. CarPro recommends 2 coats. Max Layer – 3 coats.


Apply Reload after final coat after 60 mins. Wait until next day for Reload if you miss the 60 minute window or at least a minimum of 12 hrs.