Coating Tips

Learn how to apply our coating products like a PRO.



– Allow to cure 1-3 hours without water being introduced to surface. If wet during first 24 hours wipe off water before it dries on surface as a precaution – After 3 days you are free to wash with all your regular car washes
– Avoid contact with skin and eyes
– Wear gloves
– Do not use for other purposes
– Keep out of reach of children



Wipe surface with Carpro Eraser, wipe dry, and then allow plastic to evaporate 20 minutes before applying. If using on paint or chrome decontaminate with Iron X, then polish surface as needed and wipedown with Eraser.

Car Coating Steps - Carpro Automotive Coat


Wet the applicator with a strip of DLUX and spread evenly across a small area at a time.

Car Coating Steps - Carpro Car Coat


When applying it is VERY important to work one area ineven as you go. Start in one corner and work out! / Do not take on a huge area at once.

Car Coating Steps - Carpro Automotive Ceramic Coating Specialist


Apply nice and even as you go. Do not try to spread too thin but be sure to work it to an even coat in the first minute before moving to the next overlapping area. After a minute you should not be going back over an area that was applied.

Car Coating Steps - Carpro Automotive Ceramic Coating Specialist


On Textured trim do not wipe it off, just be sure you apply evenly as mentioned. On smooth plastic you should wipe it off before it becomes too sticky. This results in a thinner coat that doesn’t last as long but on some smooth plastics there is not an easy way to apply it evenly.

Car Coating Steps - Carpro Ceramic Coating Specialist