Coating Tips

Learn how to apply our coating products like a PRO.




Wash with CarPro Reset, decontaminate, and polish with CarPro Reflect. If heavier cut is needed, may start with CarPro ClearCut. Wipe down with CarPro Eraser (vehicle must be 100% dry and free of moisture or dew.)


Drag two lines of product across length of suede wrapped applicator. Add more product to applicator as needed to keep a wet, even application.


Apply evenly across surface, approximately 50cm x 50cm section at a time. (Any overlap from one section to the next must be within a couple minutes for even application).


GLISS will flash fast and when a white haze forms, immediately wipe off all residues using a microfiber towel. If haze is left on too long then reapply and immediately wipe off. If layering on top of itself, wait 1 hour between coats.


If use as top coat it may be applied 4 hours or longer after CQuartz. If IR cured may be applied after 45 minutes from CQuartz application.


Keep surface dry for at least one hour after application. Wipe any water off the surface during the first 24 hours after application. Avoid detergents and chemicals for 5-7 days after application.