CARPRO 2Fingers Merino Wool Hand Wash Mitt

If you looking for a miniature wool mitt the CARPRO Merino 2 Finger Mini Mitt is for you.

Our CARPRO Wool Wash Mitt are specifically designed to offer all of the benefits of the most gentle wash media available (100% Merino Wool). CARPRO Merino Wool Wash Mitt is the ultimate in luxurious gentle auto wash tools and is a must have for anyone who loves their vehicle or cares for their quality of work they provide on others.

Features :

● Super soft and paint safe.

● Miniature size for small hard to reach areas.

● Rear pocket allows it dry easily when not in use so that the skin won’t rot from the inside like other wool mitts.

● The quality stitched pocket allows you to easily remove your fingers from the mitt without help from your other hand but never falls off on its own.

● Merino wool is the most gentle wash media available to car fanatics and high end professional detailers.

● An excellent dedicated mitt for those flawless chrome rims you’re so careful with.

Specification :

● 100% Australian Merino Wool

● Size : 11.5cm x 15.5cm

After care :

● Rinse well with warm water.

● Do not machine wash.

● Use dedicated detergent.

● Allow drying naturally – not under hot sun.

● Brush the wool mitt with soft brush to keep it fluffy.

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