CARPRO DarkSide (4L) – Tire & Rubber Sealant-Highly Hydrophobic-Satin Black Shine

CARPRO DarkSide is an all new, durable, hydrophobic, and easy to use tire and rubber nano-sealant!

CARPRO DarkSide leaves a stunning, dark, rich appearance to the surface! It also comes packed with CARPRO’s famous self-cleaning and hydrophobic properties that bead dirt and water off like crazy! DarkSide also boasts top shelf UV protection to protect against rubber degeneration, whilst maintaining the supple feel and rich color of treated surfaces. CARPRO DarkSide prolongs the look of your tires for months. And last but not least is about as foolproof an application as can be asked for!


Dark rich finish.

Exceptional dirt repellency.

Fantastic water beading & hydrophobic properties.

UV protection.

Revives dull, faded rubber.

Low VOC.

RM 400.00

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