CQuartz FlyBy30 Windshield & Glass Coating 20ml


FlyBy30’s advanced Silane barrier technology repels rain from automotive windscreen glass, enhancing visibility, and reducing the need for wipers at speeds above 30mph (45kmh).

This significantly increases driver safety in bad weather, and also helps to reduce the adhesion of snow, ice, and bugs to all treated glass surfaces. FlyBy30 easily withstands windscreen wiper abrasion and regular cleaning, allowing the coating to continue protecting for in excess up to 6 months.


  • Windshield
  • Side windows

Kits includes:

  1. CarPro FlyBy30 (20ml)
  2. Applicator block (1pc)
  3. Suede MF 10cm x 10cm (2pcs)


RM 80.00

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