CQuartz Leather 2.0 (50ML)


The new formula is water-based and therefore safe to use on all types of leather, including Nappa leather. The new Leather 2.0 only improves on the hydrophobic, self-cleaning properties, as well as resistance to UV, denim dye coloring, abrasion and stains.


• Thoroughly clean all dirt, moisture, and oils from leather with CARPRO Inside, which leaves no sealant or dressing. Wipe with a damp towel to remove residue if needed.
• Shake well. Pour a line of Leather 2.0 on the applicator sponge.
• Work CQUARTZ Leather 2.0 into the leather including all creases and pores.
• Gently wipe off any excess within 2-3 minutes.
• Let the coating dry for: 1h at 25°C or 2h at 15°C. We strongly advise using a fan as a drying aid, especially at lower temps.
• Apply a second layer after: 30 min (with fan); 1h (at 25°C); 2h (at 15°C).

Touch-dry time: 4 hours
Full drying time: 12 hours.
Do not clean the leather during first 3 days.


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