CARPRO Dilute Mixing Bottle c/w Trigger 1L

The DILUTE bottle contains the required dilutions pre-printed for all your CARPRO products. Simply fill with water to the desired dilution ratio, then top up to the fill line with product and give it a good shake to mix the product.

Ratios vary from 1:1 to 1:30 with space to write the product name and dilution ratio on the label.
Every DILUTE comes with a CARPRO spray head.

Q: Why do I add the water first?
A: Some products foam up when water agitates them, this will affect your ability to give a true dilution ratio. By pouring in the water first then the product you can be sure the dilution is more precise.
Q: What if I have a product that needs a stronger mix with more product than water?
A: Just reverse the process, adding in the product first then the water. However please take note of the above information and try to add the water gently to stop the product from foaming.


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