CARPRO GlassMitt – Double Sided Edge – to – Edge Interior Glass Cleaner (1pc)

GlassMitt is specifically designed for more thorough, edge-to-edge interior glass cleaning.

The special MF blend allows for a gentle and streak-free removal of all contaminants, which normally create an unclear film on interior glass, limiting visibility and intensifying fogging.

GlassMitt allows to easily remove all residue from human breath, AC vapours and fogging, leaving a perfectly clear, streak free glass surface, especially in those hard to reach areas on front and rears windows.

Use the waffle side in combination with Clarify or Eraser to remove the majority of contamination then use the glass fiber side for a final wipe and a streak-free view.

● Double-Sided
● Waffle side for effective cleaning
● Glass Fiber side for a streak-free finish

Care instructions :
● Wash separate from your buffing towels.
● Use your washing machines gentle cycle, 40℃ max (104℉)
● Use liquid detergent or CARPRO MFX Microfiber Detergent.
● Do not use fabric softeners or bio detergents as they will damage microfibers.

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