CARPRO MFX (4L) – microfibre and polishing pad detergent

Over time drying towels will become less absorbent due to a build-up of oils, surfactants and rinse aid products, MFX will remove this build up and restore your drying towel to maximum performance.

Your microfiber is made up of polyester and polyamides, while polyester is the larger percentage and designed to absorb oils, with polyamides (both natural such as silk and artificial fibers) are designed to absorb water. When you use a microfiber to remove wax residue, or sealants the fibers become coated in the oils from the products and this inhibits the microfiber from absorbing water, simply pushing it around the surface. MFX is designed to tackle this problem.

AVAILABLE IN: 500ML / 1 L / 4L

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